Metadata access.


Send commands or data to an interactive task (“OPH_WAIT”). Set parameters in a workflow environment.


  • id : workflow identifier. By default the hosting workflow is selected. The target workflow must have been submitted in the same session.
  • taskname : name of the intereactive task. By default it is set to “Task 0” and it can be automatically set to the interactive task of target workflow if it unique.
  • action : name of the command to be sent to the interactive task. Use: “continue” to unlock the task (default); “abort” to abort the task; “wait” in case of no action.
  • key : name of the parameter. It should comply with IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 conventions, unless brackets {} are adopted to refer it.
  • value : value of the parameter. By default it will se to 1. It can be accessed with @key or @{key}.


Set the parameter “var” to 10 for task “example” in workflow 1 and unblock the task:

[OPH_TERM] >>  oph_input key=var;value=10;id=1;taskname=example;


Argument name Type Mandatory Values Default Min/Max-value
id “int” “no”   “@OPH_WORKFLOW_ID” “1” /
taskname “string” “no”   “Task 0”  
action “string” “no” “continue|abort|wait” “continue”  
key “string” “no”   “-“  
value “string” “no”   “-“