Metadata access.


Set a variable in the workflow environment. See section on runtime variables for further information.


  • key: name of the parameter. It should comply with IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 conventions, unless brackets {} are adopted to refer it.
  • value: value of the parameter. By default, it will se to “1”. It can be accessed with @key or @{key}.
  • subset_filter: set to “yes” in case “value” is an index array and subset strings have to be stored on behalf of the list of numbers. Use “real” in case “value” contains real numbers.
  • offset: expected difference between two consecutive items of input array in case subset_strings have to be evaluated. By default, it will se to “1”.
  • id: workflow identifier. By default the hosting workflow is selected. The target workflow must have been submitted in the same session.


Set the parameter “var” to “10”:

[OPH_TERM] >>  oph_set key=var;value=10;

Set the parameter “var” to the result of the mathematical expression “10/2+sqrt(4)”:

[OPH_TERM] >>  oph_set key=var;value=EVAL(10/2+sqrt(4));


Argument name Type Mandatory Values Default Min/Max-value
key “string” “yes”      
value “string” “no”   “-“  
subset_filter “string” “no” “yes|no|real” “no”  
offset “real” “no”   “1” “0” /
id “int” “no”   “@OPH_WORKFLOW_ID” “1” /