Metadata Process.


It manages folders of the real Ophidia filesystem.


  • command: command to be executed among these:
    • ls: list the files in a directory (default);
    • cd: change directory.
    • mkdir: create a new directory
    • rm: delete an empty directory
    • mv: move/rename a directory
  • dpath: 0, 1 or 2 paths needed by commands. In case of “cd”, without a path the new directory will be the root folder BASE_SRC_PATH (see configuration notes for further details). In case of “mv”, the second path indicates the destination directory. In all other cases, it can be used only 1 path.
  • file: file filter based on glob library (e.g. regular expressions)
  • cdd: absolute path corresponding to the current directory on data repository. It is appended to BASE_SRC_PATH to build the effective path to files (see configuration notes for further details).
  • recursive : specifies if the search is done recursively or not; the argument is considered only for the first three levels and may have the following values:
    • no: research only in “dpath” if given, or in the current path otherwise (default);
    • yes: research recursively starting from “dpath” or the current path.
  • depth: set to the maximum folder depth has to be explored in case of recursion; level “1” corresponds to “no recursion”; by default no limit is applied.
  • realpath: set to “yes” to list real paths to files; by default only the names of files and directories are shown.

System parameters

  • exec_mode: operator execution mode. Possible values are async (default) for asynchronous mode, sync for synchronous mode with json-compliant output.
  • ncores: number of parallel processes to be used (min. 1).
  • sessionid: session identifier used server-side to manage sessions and jobs. Usually, users don’t need to use/modify it, except when it is necessary to create a new session or switch to another one.
  • objkey_filter: filter on the output of the operator written to file (default=all => no filter, none => no output, fs => show the new working directory and the related file list.


Argument name Type Mandatory Values Default Min/Max-value
command “string” “no” “ls|cd|mkdir|rm|mv” “ls”  
dpath “string” “no”   “-“  
file “string” “no”   “-“  
cdd “string” “no”   “/”  
recursive “string” “no” “yes|no” “no”  
depth “int” “no”   “0” “0” /
realpath “string” “no” “yes|no” “no”  
sessionid “string” “no”   “null”  
ncores “int” “no”   “1” “1” /
exec_mode “string” “no” “async|sync” “async”  
objkey_filter “string” “no” “all|none|fs” “all”