Workflows of Operators

Ophidia allows users to execute a flow of tasks (workflow) by submitting only one command. Each task can be either independent or dependent on other tasks, for instance it processes the output of other tasks.

In order to exploit this feature the user has to write and submit a request file (JSON Request) for the workflow manager using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Upon receipt this request, the internal workflow manager associates an identifier with the workflow (Workflow ID), schedules task executions according to the dependencies defined by the user, sets automatically data input for operators, based on output of other operators if needed, and sends back a report with the results of each task.

The workflows manual has been divided in two main sections that describe: basic functionalities and advanced features.

In addition, there are some sections that provide more specific information about particular interfaces of workflow management system: iterative, parallel and selection interfaces, interactive and interleaving workflows.